Injection Molded PopFoam: A Look At Available Colors, Textures, and Logos

When we begin conversations with prospects considering injection molded foam as an option, there’s always a point where the discussion leads to what the finished product will ultimately look like.  Most designers and engineers are familiar with basic molding..

  • January 09, 2019
  • | by Randy Millwood

Throw Out the Design Rule Book — It's Time to Embrace the Use of Undercuts

Undercuts are like the forbidden fruit of product design. They're incredibly enticing, especially for young design students who are eager to create esoteric shapes. I specifically remember the first time I learned about undercuts back in design school. It seemed..

  • November 27, 2018
  • | by Victor Lazzaro

The Areas of Your Product That Do — And Don’t — Work for Foam

Think about the soft seats on the playground equipment your kids use, the rowing shoes you wear to work out, and even the spa pillow that supports your neck during relaxing baths. In all these cases, you — the end user — have a relationship with the product.

  • August 06, 2018
  • | by Admin

How Foam Can Help Designers Create Innovative Products

Oftentimes, finding the right material for your new innovative product can feel like half the battle. It’s difficult to know ahead of time how a specific material will perform in certain applications, especially if you’ve never worked with it before. To make things..

  • March 01, 2018
  • | by Victor Lazzaro

Expanding Your Thinking About Designing with Foam

First and foremost, designers think of foam as a functional material. It’s used to fill upholstery, insulate roofs, and package products. But it’s a mistake to think of foam only from this functional perspective.

  • February 21, 2018
  • | by Troy Lewis
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