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Reinventing the Wheel with Injection Molded Foam

Back some time ago, most light-duty small wheel and tire combinations were made from steel and rubber. These wheels were seen on small carts, buggies or strollers and typically used a pressed steel wheel or rim/spoke combination. Inflated tire combinations brought about more ride comfort, but reliability soon pushed toward an alternative tire material.

Innovations in plastics soon replaced steel wheels. Not long after, durable foams, borrowed from the footwear industry, quickly replaced rubber and tubes as a lightweight tire solution. PopFoam has made several wheel/tire combinations for many industries including juvenile products, sports and recreation, and healthcare. 

Benefits of Injection Molded Foam Wheels

Injection molded foam has several unique advantages when used as a tire solution for lightweight transport.  

  • 100% Closed Cell Foam – Will not take on water.
  • Durable Molding Process – Virtually indestructible.
  • Solid Foam Airless Material – Will not deflate.
  • Expansion technology makes wheel/tire assembly a snap.


We continue to see the wheel/tire segment embracing this type of solution due to durability, low cost, customization and availability.  PopFoam offers custom wheel/tire solutions for our customers and in most applications we can supply an “assembly ready” solution which includes tire, wheel and hub bearings.  Bring us your design and let's get rolling.  Contact PopFoam to learn more about our wheel/tire solutions.


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