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Make Your Product Designs Bulletproof

Every designer has gotten this call. There is a problem with the design and the client wants to know what went wrong. The implication is that a mistake was made, it’s your fault, and it better get resolved fast! We sometimes get off a call like this...
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Choosing the Right Manufacturing Partner is a Life or Death Decision… for Your Product!

Anyone that has managed or been a part of a hardware development program from the first concept to final mass manufactured product knows that the process is tough. There are all kinds of places during the development of a new hardware product where...
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Injection Molded Foam – How to Determine if this Process is Right for Your Project

Often, Designers, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs will look to the web to find solutions aimed at helping them solve a problem or do something better. We field hundreds of leads per year, and every one of them has a common goal of finding the right...
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