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EVA Foam Video: 03. PopFoam - Amazing Undercuts

As a Product Designer, what if you add a material in your arsenal of materials, that allowed you to do things that no other material would let you do? What if that miracle material let you solve a problem, a difficult problem, in a way that you...
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PopFoam’s Range of Softness and What to Expect

Quite often softness is the communication tool used to determine what is needed in a foam application. And since foam materials come in all sorts of variants it can be a little tricky communicating what an applicant is expecting their product to...
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Make Your Product Designs Bulletproof

Every designer has gotten this call. There is a problem with the design and the client wants to know what went wrong. The implication is that a mistake was made, it’s your fault, and it better get resolved fast! We sometimes get off a call like this...
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